Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are a great alternative in tooth replacement. The procedure consists of two stages: placement of an implant root followed by placement of a tooth crown on a implant. We work closely with a Board Certified Oral Surgeon who places the implant to ensure your greatest possible outcome. The placement of the crown is done in our office.

There are now a wide variety of dental implant placement procedures that vary in duration and materials. Implants can also be used to stabilize dentures or support bridges. Any implant procedure is preceded by a detailed consultation and case planning with our dental team.

What is the duration of the procedure?

The duration of the procedure varies because healing is required in between steps of the procedure. The crown is fitted several months after implant placement, allowing the implant time to fuse with jawbone. In cases involving bone grafting, the graft must first heal for several months before the implant can be placed. The implant must then integrate into the bone for several months before a crown can be placed onto the implant.

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