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I highly recommend Dr. Petron and his staff. Our family has been seeing him for the last 15 years and have always been thoroughly satisfied. We have experienced routine cleanings, simple fillings, crowns and root canals over the years with great success. Dr. Petron is a magician with local anesthetic placement – never had a twinge of pain during a procedure.
Patricia Lathrop-McPherson

Appointment time was held to. In and out in under 45 minutes for a cleaning, X-Rays, and Dr. exam. There was no “less-than-expected” service to get through that quick. They were just ready to go to work and kept working with no unnecessary conversation. Much appreciated.

Paul Mistele

Dr. Petron is one great dentist … he really tries to make it the most “painless” experience you can have. His wife, Lynlee, works at the office to keep it running smooth and he has a nice, cheerful, experienced staff. It’s not close to our home but I wouldn’t go anywhere else – worth the drive! My nephew just got a crown, my husband got a cleaning, my brother has had a lot of work … the whole family likes this Dentist.

Karen Wagniere

Love this dental office, the staff is so friendly and the doctor is excellent, the atmosphere is inviting. Best of all they focus on you and the staff makes sure you don’t feel nervous or scared

wendy lopez

I really like Dr. Petron. The staff is organized, polite, efficient. The hygienists are capable, confident and good at what they do. Dr Petron is awesome. I highly recommend Dr. Petron.

George Kopf

I having been seeing this dentist for about 25 years and I continue to return even though I now have to drive 175 miles to his office because of his skills, trustworthiness and excellent staff.


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